About eLeader

eLeader is one of the world's top mobile innovators in the smartphone business software market, with experience from the beginning of the smartphone industry. eLeader’s state-of-the-art mobile enterprise solutions and associated cloud services are used today by global and national companies in over 50 countries worldwide.

eLeader develops solutions for the fast growing smartphone market, including leading mobile money products, mobile banking, m-commerce, mobile workforce and others. The company also has strong expertise in custom software development for all mobile device platforms, with a focus on software quality and user experience (UX). eLeader possesses unique tools for automation of cross-platform mobile application testing.

eLeader’s products are available also via a cloud computing model, with 99.98% availability since launch in 2004. eLeader also offers a full range of enterprise IT services around mobility.

eLeader provides solutions for various industries including banks and financial institutions, mobile network operators, FMCG companies, retail, media, healthcare, utilities and other organizations.

Most of eLeader’s smartphone projects are large-scale deployments using client-server architecture and deep integration with back-end systems, all providing the highest level of security approved in the finance industry.

Mobile Finance Solutions:

eLeader Mobile Finance is a comprehensive solution for banks and other financial institutions that gives customers access to their accounts via mobile devices - anywhere, anytime.

eLeader Mobile Banking Premium is a key part of the solution, and was the world’s first multiplatform m-banking system for smartphones.

It is now considered to be the most mature product on the market.

Searching for the best mobile banking solution, but getting lost?

You may be searching for a mobile banking solution that suits all of your needs and wondering what’s better: installed native smartphone clients, adaptive mobile browser service, Java applications, extended SMS-banking applications, HTML 5,...?

No need to make tough choices.

You’re in the right place.

All Technologies Covered

Other mobile banking vendors usually offer applications only for an iPhone and Android, or light HTML(5) browser-based solutions.

eLeader instead provides installed apps for smartphones, tablets and feature phones.

- covering all mobile platforms required today in the financial industry - in one integrated solution. You don’t need a several mobile banking vendors to have it all. You just need us.

Native applications - the sky is the limit!

Remember - native applications open up unparalleled possibilities in terms of inventive use of unique mobile phone features (such as GPS, accelerometer, NFC, camera, multimedia access, address book, calendar, SMS, call history, e-mail, etc), as well as user interface attractiveness and security mechanisms.

All these key factors contribute to success in mobility, i.e: the highest possible level of User Experience and Usability.

Full Functionality

ATM locator, balance enquiries, transaction history, predefined transfers,… Is this all mobile banking has to offer? Absolutely not.
eLeader Mobile Banking is the only solution that supports full functionality of on-line banking systems and much more.
Considering other areas of the mobile finance ecosystem?
Mobile banking is only the beginning. We aim to provide a comprehensive mobile experience, therefore our product suite is constantly evolving. You can feel confident that eLeader will offer the necessary elements to match your changing business requirements.

Wouldn’t you like to manage all of your mobile channel requirements in one solution?

Working with the best
- leadership in mobile banking

Join some of the biggest banks from such well known groups as Santander, UniCredit, Raiffeisen International or National Bank of Kuwait.

eLeader currently enables high-volume mobile banking for millions of bank customers. Our mobile applications consistently receive excellent feedback from end-users.
Enter the era of modern mobile banking with the best.

Mobile WorkForce:

Mobilize all your business processes with smartphones, Globally.

eLeader Mobile Visit is the family of IT solutions for companies with large teams of employees working outside the office. It allows unification of all business processes with using smartphones and tablets alone. No paper forms, no palmtops, no laptops.
eLeader Mobile Visit was the world’s first mobile FFM/SFA/CRM solution for smartphones and is now considered as the most mature and advanced on the market.
Great flexibility, minimal user resistance and the offline architecture allows successful deployments regardless of markets, cultures or even the quality of cellular network coverage.
The proof:
Deployments in 50+ countries across the globe.
No risk at all. Free pilot deployment.
You receive the final solution prepared to all your needs before decision!

  • All your needs implemented on pilot deployment
  • No risk of false promises
  • No risk of project failure
  • No risk of software shortcomings
  • No risk of choosing the wrong solution
  • No initial investment
eLeader Mobile Visit
is an innovative business solution for smartphones, which offers functionalities covering following areas:
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Field Force Management (FFM)
  • Field Force Automation (FFA)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)

Rapid business process modelling
Rather than being developed from scratch, the system is modelled around your business processes via configuration of already available modules.
This allows changes to be made on a day-to-day basis without programming, keeping TCO low:

  • No difficult mobile deployments
  • No missed schedules
  • No expensive software programming
  • No longwait for system adaptation

Most mature mobile SFA/FFM Solution on the market!

  • Presales, Orders and Vanselling
  • Promotions, Loyalty Programs and Budgeting
  • Price and Out of Stock Reporting
  • Rotation and Inventory
  • Merchandising
  • Facing and Category Management
  • Portfolio Management and Segmentation
  • Service Management
  • Sales Channel Management
  • Partner’s contracts audit (e.g:product expositions on shelf)
  • Complaints, Discount, Replacements Management
  • Classic CRM/SFA Features
  • ERP Data Mobilizer (Invoices, payments etc).
  • POS and Employee Equipment
  • POS dynamic segmentation
  • Workflow Designer
  • Form and Questionnaire Designer
  • Multilevel Targets and Budgets
  • Mobile and Web Report Designer
  • Business Intelligence, OLAP Analyses
  • Configurable Business Logic with Instant Notifications
  • Access Rights Management
  • Global High-resolution aerial or satellite Maps
  • Mobile Printing, Hardware/Software Barcode scanning Integration and Mobile Text Recognition (OCR) option
  • SOA and External System Connectors
  • Field Organization and Chart Customization
  • Advance Internal Messaging (notifications, e-mails, SMSC integration)
  • Route and Schedule Planning Tools with automatic route optimization
  • Absence and Substitutions
  • Field Force Expenses and Budgets Management
  • Equipment and Car Fleet Management
  • Location based Self-Learning Visit Fraud Detection Mechanism
  • Salary and Bonus Accounting
  • HR application workflow (e.g:Application for Leave acceptance process) and more,...

* Each module has complex functionality with many configuration parameters.
* All functionalities can be presented.
Get the big-picture real-time view of your business processes anywhere, anytime and at every level with the eLeader Portal Application.

Thousands of mobile employees powered by eLeader. Globally.
These are some of the companies that have put their trust in eLeader Mobile Visit. Join them in mobilizing and improving your business processes.