The FilerPlus package has been designed for office automation, providing communication flow facilities and allowing for quick access to documents and letters in organizations with large amounts of paperwork. Development of FilerPlus has been carried out with the aim of providing satisfactory services for handling different data banks in accordance with the needs of organizations,preparing various managerial reports and managing information and documents.In addition to its archiving capabilities,FilerPlus has features for:designing data banks and flexible data-entry forms,circulation of forms throughout the organization and secure remote access to documents. Document and Content Management

Defining Data Banks for Archiving:

  • Creating data bank for archiving of data and documents.
  • Designing data-entry forms.
  • Defining data fields(check box, combo box, text fields, etc.).
  • Creating various banks of words to facilitate searches (names, places, etc.).

Documents and Letters Management:

  • Office automation for centralized and decentralized secretariats.
  • Defining, creating, and editing documents.
  • Defining methods for numbering documents.
  • Sending and receiving office messages and correspondence.
  • Graphic follow-ups of document circulation.
  • Keeping record of all operations made on documents: including date, time, and user name.
  • Appending various files to document attachments (video, text, film, sound)
  • Registering, modifying, deleting, viewing, and printing any document.
  • Viewing all document parts on a single page, in mosaic format.
  • Sending notification messages in the case of repetitive registration of a document.
  • Creating chains among various documents.
  • Adding password by each user authorized to a document to facilitate searches.
  • Importing TXT, RTF, and DOC files as part of documents and searching within them.

Web Access Management:

  • Accessing the system via the web (IE and Netscape).
  • Full features of the client server version (data entry, view, edit, search, reports, etc).

Security and access control:

  • Defining the levels of access to data for each user.
  • Encryption of data when being saved.
  • Encryption of data during transfer.
  • Logging operations of each user.
  • Logging user operations in connection with the system and groups of documents.
  • Allocating work permits to users up to the most detailed operations of the system.
  • Tele-connection of users for performing routine tasks.
  • Defining users in accordance with management levels of the organization with a private code.
  • Setting system access time for users.
  • Defining substitutes for receiving references or messages for each user.
  • Controlling and reporting all operations performed by users, including the exact dates.
  • Offering access to classified documents(ordinary,confidential, etc).
  • Offering user access to other programs from the FilerPlus.
  • Monitoring active users of the system.


  • Connecting several FilerPlus Systems and exchanging of data among them.
  • Automatic backup from within the program.
  • Saving deleted or modified documents in the system.
  • Saving images of the database on an external media.
  • Import & Export the required information to another system.

Searching and reports:

  • Rapid and precise search in all the data.
  • Searching on the basis of all the information registered for a document.
  • Searching on the basis of logical combinations of «and»,«or»,«without».
  • Combining several searches.

Minimum system requirements

  Server   Workstation
Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft®SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2005
  • IIS(For Web Based Version Only)
Application Server
  • Multi Processor
  • 2GB RAM
Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows 7, Vista
  • Microsoft® Windows XP SP2 and higher

  • Intel Pentium 4
  • 1GB RAM
  • 100 Mbps LAN Speed