The IranRayaneh Computer Engineering company has been registered, in 1985 ‪. ‬ The company provides services in the field of design, manufacture and support of software systems for automation, document management, secretary, filing and organizational processes with more than a thousand installations to 400 governmental organizations and owes its reputation to the quality of products and services.

Establishment and utilization of widespread systems, requires the attendance of all cities. The IranRayaneh Company can provide high quality services at the right time by relying on its computer resellers and support network in the whole country. The representatives of the provinces based in East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan, Ardabil, Fars, Isfahan, Kerman, Yazd, Iran, Gilan, Golestan ‪ ‬, Qom, Kermanshah, Khorasan, Hormozgan and offer their services and meet the needs of its customers to the cities in their area.‬ ‬

Products and soft wares of IranRayaneh Engineering company are in an ideal way to manage their main mission, and now more than 400 medium and large public and private organizations, 1000 active server and 1,630,000 users are using the facilities of this complex software systems and they manage their needs from the flow of communication and administration of centralized and decentralized Secretariat to document workflow. In practice, the systems are employed for document management, secretariat, archives, and processes.‪ ‬‬‬

IranRayaneh provides effective and high quality services by focusing on activities in the field of document management and organization’s information. To maintaining high levels of quality and efficiency of its products, IranRayaneh always tries to improve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in quality and efficiency of the new version of the products. This makes software’s useful life to improve and provides satisfactory of the customers. The company has managed to keep 83% of its customers since its establishment.

Filer document management Soft wares are used in Britain, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Oman, Iraq and ...

Software activities and official mechanism and implemented projects in general,shows that this company is definitely a big step in the friendship and protection of the environment. IranRayaneh’s soft wares have significant role in saving trees and landscapes and preventing from pollutions of printing and reproduction and etc. With a simple calculation (daily average savings of 10 papers by each user) in a paperless organization, every 5 Filer users rescue a tree in a year.