Activities and Markets

Fast and huge progress in IT development increased the need for professional and advanced software applications. Iran Rayaneh Engineering Company aims to hold an effective role in providing the needs and extending the advanced professional software systems. Enjoying years of experimental and practical experience and taking part in national and international market, Iran Rayaneh offers a variety of products and software projects.


Considering the ever increasing volume of documents and information within organizations, the time eventually came when it was no longer possible to manage all paper documents manually. A mechanized system was therefore needed in order to facilitate the maintenance and use of documents and information. Following the release of a number of office automation and financial software packages, namely Vajeh, Siagh and Kara, Iran Rayaneh began the development of its flagship line of software products «Filer». A significant portion of Iran Rayaneh’s activities has been focused on our «Filer» suite of office automation, document and content management solutions. The package has been localized into English, German, Turkish and Dari (Farsi) and offered internationally through our trade representatives. With regard to our selected markets it should be added that in each country we have acted based on perceived local needs. In 1991 Iran Rayaneh offered the first electronic archiving «Filer» and it has been growing parallel to the technology improvement and changes in our clients’ needs. The next «Filer» generation includes the first comprehensive records management, office automation, electronic archiving and workflow correspondence named «FilerPlus» which was released in 1999. By developing internet infrastructure, in 2000 the web version of «FilerPro» was produced. This web-based software application allowed for the integration of organizational activities across various geographic locations. During the recent years and following the introduction of new management approaches,such as enterprise content management(ECM)and business process management(BPM),Iran Rayaneh introduced two new software solutions,«FilerPlus» and «MiiroFiler»,in two different software environments.«Filer» software has been designed,following many years of experience, on the basis of the general needs of users in order to ease circulation of office correspondence(including forms and letters)and access to office and technical document records in large organizations. Developing data banks in accordance with the needs of organizations,production of various managerial reports, and management of data and documents are among the advantages of this software.

In addition to the administrative and technical archiving operations of secretariats, and circulation of all correspondence, several capabilities have been added in the present version of the software for designing data banks and data entry forms, circulation of forms throughout the organization, remote access to documents, and data security during transfer.